Since 2009, Delicious Deliveries has served delicious, made to order food through our personal chef service and provided customized catering for special events throughout Southwest Michigan.

At Delicious Deliveries, great food is just the starting point. We also offer our knowledge and expertise in the kitchen, through group culinary classes or privately in the comfort of your own home.

Our menu's and recipes draw from years of experience and training in a diverse range of cultures and cuisines. Additionally, we pay special attention to dietary needs and restrictions.
We work closely with clients, ensuring them to realize their culinary vision, whatever that may be.

Delicious Deliveries was founded in 2009, by Personal Chef Tara Newman. Tara found a love for cooking at the young age of 11. First learning to bake, then taking over the cooking in the family kitchen for 6.  While in business school, Tara worked every aspect of the food industry. From bartending, to serving, catering and sous chef, Tara gained valuable experience, expanding her knowledge in the culinary world. After 13 years in her first career, Tara decided to leave the corporate world of finance and revisit her passion in the kitchen. Back to school with concentrations in food science, technique, vegan/vegetarian, various worldly cuisines and national food safety. Tara continues to expand her knowledge in the kitchen, by training with other well known chefs and seeking culinary certificates.

The best marriage of both careers came last year, when KitchenAid approached Tara. Since August 2015, Tara’s been product testing for small appliances, recipe writing and involved with product development for KitchenAid. This past winter, she went on a Womens’s Expo tour through Michigan representing KitchenAid, in collaboration with Meijer. She was able to train and teach vast amounts of women, how to use KitchenAid small appliances, using healthy recipes.

Delicious Deliveries has become a well-known and respected business through reputation. We pride ourselves on word of mouth type advertising. Our reputation is due to our attention to detail, consistent focus on quality food and exceptional service. Browse our website to see all we have to offer!