UPDATE: Tara is starting a new business called The Culinary Cottage where she will be holding classes and special events. Find out more at https://culinarycottage.net.

Cooking for the Love of Learning, Food & Friendship

This is a club like no other! Culinary classes held right in the comfort of your own home! Culinary Kitchen Club is a group of friends who rotate though each other's kitchens, learning how to cook an array of different foods. How to better use a food processor, stand mixer, attachments & pans, along with tips & tricks in the kitchen, sharing dinner and friendship. Copies of all recipes are provided and you’ll be building a cook book binder of everything made and tasted!

The Details

  • Each club can have a maximum of 10 guests.
  • Clubs commit to 1 year and can meet every quarterly, bi-monthly or every month.
  • Culinary Kitchen Club members can be a ladies group, couples, family, or even singles. Singles can be placed into a singles group that will rotate, if they would like.
  • Cost for each 3-hour club dinner is $450 + tax. This cost is split between all members.
  • Rotating homes allows for those who’d like to host, the opportunity. It makes this type of club personalized and unique. If you don’t want to offer your kitchen, a rental kitchen is available for an additional fee.
  • Cost includes pots, pans, equipment, ingredients, recipes, aprons, chef and assistant.
  • Chef and assistant will guide, teach and help clean when done.
  • Participation is not mandatory, but so fun! Those wanting to stand back and watch are welcome.
  • Sessions are casual and informal. Host only needs to provide drinks, plates and cutlery.
  • Sessions can be held on a week night or during the day. Though breakfast, brunch and lunch on weekends can be offered.
  • Additional information will be provided once groups are formed, such as themed nights, food allergies etc.

For more information or to sign up your Culinary Kitchen Club, call Tara at 269-449-0867 or email her at info@culinarycottage.net.